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Referring to a 'school of fish,' toocoolforschool represents the standouts who are just "too cool" for the pack. 

egg series

Inspired by the most popular home remedy ingredient for beauty, Too Cool For School uses real egg white and yolk extracts to deliver numerous benefits, just like DIY facial and hair care treatment, minus the mess.


Caviar lime

Certified vegan by EVE (Expertise Vegan Europe).

Harvested from pristine Australian farms, our Caviar Lime series is full of gem-like beads, full of moisture. Rich in vitamins and water content, this series is the perfect relief for worn-out skin. From raw ingredients to packaging, no animal products are used.


art class

Imagine you are walking into a whimsical art supply store that you found in a backstreet of an unfamiliar city, drawn in by your curiosity.
TCFS Art Class was created for the free spirits and those who desire to be creative and inspired by vintage art supplies and Parisian art stores.



Widely known to ease bloating, pumpkin extracts are known to gently exfoliate the skin. Smoother skin increases its absorption abilities and allows for maximum effectiveness from skincare and makeup. Our Pumpkin series are rich in nutrients - Vitamin A, carbohydrates, fibre, and minerals - and helps restore your skin.

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