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Recipient of the Korean Prestige Brand Award from 2017-2019, for 3 consecutive years.

urban eco harakeke

Harakeke is a native plant that grows in pristine New Zealand. A powerful hydrating agent, harakeke extract fills your skin with moisture and protects it from dehydration.



Iceland's mineral water from the pure, uncontaminated water delivers purifying, refreshing and hydrating energy to the skin. The Iceland line is made with bio mineral water and Iceland botanical extracts that helps keep skin hydrated and healthy.



Our Mervia line uses the revitalizing energy of the pink plankton that colours Australia's Lake Hilier in pink. Pink plankton's rich beta-carotene and moisture level provide intense hydrating and firming of skin - improving both elasticity and radiance.



SooYeran is an age-defying line enriched with ginseng leaf extract, which is obtained through the traditional herb processing method. Liposomized panax ginseng cell culture extract is also added to enhance the natural strength of the skin.


power ampoule

The ampoule solution is customized to resolve skin concerns by providing intense moisture, anti-wrinkle care, brightening, elasticity, nourishment, and pore tightening.


urban eco Waratah

Waratah flower extract - from Australia - strengthens the skin barrier by building a hydration layer and protects skin from stress and environmental stressors.


derma plan

Our Derma Max Formula - blended with seven carefully selected botanical plants - restores natural balance for sensitive skin. Our DERMA PLAN line has been clinically tested for low stimulus verification of the use on sensitive skin.


cell renew bio

Our Cell Renew Bio line contains marine eryngium, a halophyte found on the coast of Bretagne, France - surviving under a highly stressful environment. Through cell bio encapsulation, 1 million cells of marine eryngium are preserved and delivered - in its purest form - that help restore damaged skin.


jeju fresh aloe

The extraordinary moisture level of Jeju Island's pure aloe instantly applies mineral-rich moisture to your face and body. From Jeju Island in South Korea.

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mineral homme

This woody musk-scented skin care line for men contains black and white mineral complex to soothe and moisturize dull and stressed skin.

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