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Too cool for school, based on its commitment to artistic experimentation, aims to create "artwork" not "products" labeling itself "a lab for art experimentation" rolling out products through artistic activities. 


KOCOSTAR, short for 'Korean Cosmetics Star,' launched to captivate the global beauty market with K-Beauty products. KOCOSTAR's beauty treatments go beyond traditional face masks. They deliver a convenient and effective solution for every-day solutions - from head-to-toe.

Natural Cosmetics

From Nature

From Nature focuses on credible ingredients, efficacy, and price. They cover a diverse range of skincare and haircare concerns, offering something for everyone. From Nature products are a staple in Korean cosmetics. 

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the Saem

Launched in 2010, The SAEM has become an international brand and boasts multiple design and packaging awards for their innovative products that use natural, unique  ingredients found in different parts of the world.


rudy profumi

Creating since 1920, Rudy Profumi is a generational Italian cosmetics brand known for their trademark architectural product designs as well as specialized scents and perfumes. Now Rudy Profumi offers a wide selection of body care and beauty products - still providing the same level of beautiful designs and quality.



A family-owned cosmetics group, Straub GmbH, manufactures high-quality care products that are based in Germany. Straub offers over 900 different cosmetics products - most notable lines being Marbert and Bettina Barty.


Because beauty is a matter of trust. Since more than 75 years the traditional brand MARBERT represents excellent cosmetic products for women and men. Whether facial care, body care, makeup, fragrances … – with MARBERT you will always find your perfect product for your individual skin type and needs. MARBERT combines high level of expertise in product design and quality with attractive prices and manufactures its products consistently Made in Germany.



Byphasse has a main focus on personal care and hygiene products, where listening to customers' needs is their core. They are constantly striving for innovation by improving formulas with more natural ingredients and cutting-edge technology. Currently, they offer diverse products with vegan certification and plan to expand it to more than 70% of their product range by 2025.



Evoluderm is a brand that is constantly evolving. A 'sincere' brand, they offer high-quality and diverse range of products that are entirely designed and manufactured in France. Taking inspiration from traveling, Evoluderm's founders anticipate new beauty trends to create their products.

tangle angel

Tangle Angel started out from a simple idea to create a beautiful detangling brush for hairdressers. Now, they offer their iconic Rebel and Angel brush lines, both with innovative key features and remarkable designs. Keep your hair healthy and express yourself through Tangle Angel.

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