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About ko-cos

Ko-Cos Canada was founded with one goal in mind: bring innovative and relevant products to Canadian consumers from Asia and Europe. We have an impressive portfolio with a main focus on beauty products. Currently, we are partnered with over a dozen brands and continuously curating and expanding.

Our team holds decades of experience in developing and growing brands for high-profile clients. We work toward growing with our partner brands and help develop ODM/OEM labelling. 

Ko-Cos Canada is here to help brands with unique and high-quality products and introduce them in the Canadian market. Through our extensive knowledge and experience in Canadian and European markets, we help position brands with the right products, branding, and pricing - for sustainable growth.

 meet our team


Robert Bedard

Co-founder and President of Ko-Cos Canada. Prior to Ko-Cos, Robert held various senior positions in Operations, Merchandising, Sourcing, and Strategic Development in Canadian and international retail for over 35 years - Walmart Canada, ASDA (UK), and Walmart Germany GmbH. 


Junghee Song

Co-founder and Vice President of Ko-Cos Canada. Prior to Ko-Cos, Junghee had been importing European cosmetics, medical devices, as well as expanding license and franchise businesses in the South Korean market. Her clients include Walmart Canada, Hyundai Dept. Stores, Shinsegae, Carrefour Korea, and Nestlé Korea. 


Gyu Kim

Responsible for the Marketing & Design of Ko-Cos Canada. 

Flowers and Bottles


Bridging the gap between Canadian and international beauty - one brand at a time.


  • We bring innovative and relevant products from Asia and Europe - connecting them to Canadian consumers.

  • We create sustainable growth for our clients through the right products, branding, and pricing

Beauty Products
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