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All masks from head to toe.

slice masks

Slice Masks are inspired from a South Korean family tradition - "cucumber massage time" - using cucumber slices for facial treatment with the family. This series uses cucumber, lemon, strawberry, watermelon, apple, aloe vera, kiwi, and coconut extracts - full of vitamins and minerals. The masks are made of TENCEL fabric, an eco-friendly material extracted from eucalyptus wood that is non-irritable to the skin. Enjoy quality time with family and experience South Korean tradition with our Slice Masks.

Waffle series

Inspired by the iconic waffle pattern, our Waffle series feature Waffle masks and Waffle cleansing pads. They are made with waffle weave patterns - a fun way to moisturize your skin.

princess eye patches
tropical eye patches 
lip masks
capsule masks
lip capsule mask.png
t1 collagen cream

Using patented technology, our T1 Collagen Cream helps improve skin texture and bring back your natural radiant skin. We apply two innovative technology for this cream - Transdermal Delivery System and Occlusive Dressing Technique.


First, we break down the collagen down to 440 daltons and place them inside flexile nano vesicles. This helps the collagen get absorbed by the skin. Second, when the cream is applied, a light film barrier is formed - due to its natural ingredients (chitosan and alginic acid - where the barrier enhances collagen absorption while keeping moisture.

from head to toe... masks
Head to Toe / Premium Foot Peeling Mask / 3 Colour Hand & Foot Moisture Pack
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