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Rudy Profumi’s research never stops, and today it gives life, in the heart of its main line “Nature & Arome”, to a new selection of fragrances and products in the “Apothecary” style, which consciously blends modern raw materials with tradition. The line includes a full range of body care products that are enriched with precious oils and Vitamin E, the perfect complementary elements for silky, tonic skin. The careful selection of extraordinary fragrances adds a special characteristic to these products, uniting cosmetics with the pleasure of embracing perfumes to make your wellbeing ritual unique and precious.


The only good thing that humans have added to the earth is beauty. The time has come for reconciliation. The colours and fragrances of nature must be allowed to determine human space and time once again. The Botanic Collection is designed to bring humans closer to the green world, in a new partnership in which colours and fragrances restore harmony and the desire for reconciliation, as countless scents and hues come together.




Majolica is an expression of the Italian artisan tradition that remains commonly produced in many areas, both in popular art forms and in reproductions of the historical style. Try our NEW collection of liquid soaps inspired by the majolica tradition and experience the rich and intensely perfumed formula on your skin. You will accompany yourself on a journey to the most beautiful regions of Italy discovering the most intense perfumes, directly on your skin.