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Immerse yourself in the care world of Bettina Barty! Luxurious fragrances ranging from delicately fresh to powdery and exotic flatter your senses, valuable active ingredients nourish your skin. Our cosmetics and fragrances will make you forget your everyday life!

BETTINA BARTY stands for affordable everyday skin and body care. With intensive perfuming, the products stand for a very special experience of fragrance and quality. The functional, elegantly proportioned bottles harmoniously complete the “BETTINA BARTY” experience.


Vanilla is THE classic from Bettina Barty. Loved by millions, this powdery fragrance flatters your senses.


summer vanilla

Summer, sun, beach – that’s what you associate with Vanilla from Bettina Barty.



Bettina Barty Honey with genuine bee honey and royal jelly helps maintain the skin’s natural functions.


water colors

Four elegant scents recall the sea, snow and sea breeze, matched by a design in pastel colours – simple and beautiful. Water Colours from Bettina Barty refresh WOMEN and MEN.

Product lines • Blue Water • Tropic Water • Crystal Water • Arctic Water



The sensual fragrance sets pulses racing for women and men. Musk from Bettina Barty can be used by both WOMEN and MEN!


love it!

Care for your dry, stressed skin with valuable and natural active ingredients. Subtle scents also harmonize with your own perfume.

Product lines • GLOW • Love it!


colour line

Fresh, brightly coloured products for WOMEN and MEN – Colour Line from Bettina Barty adds colour to your bathroom and fun to your life.

Product lines • Blue Line • Yellow Line • Red Line • Green Line • Black Line • Orange Line

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